About Us

Who we are and who we serve

Who We Are

Canada Health Net is a group of passionate lean experts and healthcare innovators dedicated to improving healthcare in Ontario. We are the only lean solution training and consulting provider focused exclusively on helping healthcare businesses to enhance patient care, run better businesses and be operationally savvy. Our services focus on improving operational workflows through training, coaching, knowledge sharing and skill transfer of Lean Sigma methodology.

Why We Were Created

Ontarians get tremendous benefits from our healthcare system. But inefficiencies, inconsistencies and waste in the system can limit the quality of care they receive. This is particularly evident in physician offices or hospital settings, where doctors are caring for complex patient populations and simply don’t have the time or resources to focus on maximizing quality and efficiency of care. The Lean Six Sigma seeks to optimize the resources required for processes by eliminating non-value added activities that cause long wait times, inflate costs, reduce quality of care delivery and patient safety and lead to reduced employee morale.

The founders of Canada Health Net have extensive experience providing solutions for the healthcare industry, realized that Lean Six Sigma was the right solution. Healthcare practitioners need expert support to help them to run their practices more efficiently while better managing their costs.

The vision of Canada Health Net is to make Lean Six Sigma tools available to all front line staff in healthcare operations and provide practical experience teaching on best application of Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare. Trainings are designed to help to see waste that causes patient wait times, bottlenecks in the flow, safety issues and reduced quality of care and balancing the work for under resourced and overburdened staff.

How We Help

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